I'm Extorting P!phany! (and MommyGyver is going to help me!)

UPDATED 3/25/18 Rachel emailed me today, after months of nothing being said about the conspiracy between herself, and a member of the P!phany home office to have her competitor set up to be removed from the organization. In her email, she apologizes for "everything that went down" and involving me in her mess. Citing that she fell victim to the "MLM drama", and that this issue was ruining her life. She just wants to move on. She attempts to appeal to my humanity. Reminding me that I'm a "good person", a mother, and a businesswoman. Everyone deserves second chances. See, the thing that makes me chuckle here is: I know I'm a good person. I don't need an extortionist to confirm or deny that for me. And the business that she so callously attempted to destroy when I was doing my job and investigating her claims- I built myself. It isn't a direct sales or MLM channel where I just "call it" my business but the brand takes all the risk. *I* take all my risks. I pay for everything I do and say. It's on me to make sure that I publish the truth- even if the truth turns out that the accuser is really the guilty party. And for my effort to uncover the truth of her claims, she threatened me and everything I've worked so hard to build- but then has the gaul to come back to appeal to my humanity after she slandered my name everywhere. I'm sorry, my pity ran out months ago. And what of the woman she attacked? Has she compensated her in any way? Has she apologized and made her wrongs right? What about Spencer, the compliance officer that participated in this nonsense? Clearly he should have known better, but has she attempted to make peace with him? It's a common thing in the MLM world lately for women to attack each other viciously and relentlessly. These people claim that their families' well being depend on these jobs. But it appears that only their own well being is really what matters- as they seemingly rip whatever they can take off of the next woman's table if they feel so inclined. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Rachel, you, with no second thought- attempted to destroy this woman's livelihood. Your actions cost a corporate officer his job. And when you didn't get your way with me, you slandered my name, attacked my integrity, and threatened to destroy what I have built with my bare hands from absolutely nothing. Big risk equals a big reward or a big loss. You are seeing what happens when your risks taken are to target the reward of others' hard work. You reap what you sow. I don't feel sorry for you. Not any more sorry than you did when you plotted and schemed to hurt the woman in this article for no apparent reason other than because you don't like her. I don't feel sorry for you any more than the person who trusted you to conspire with you should- after you broke his trust and sent me the communications that implicated him in your plan. You played, or attempted to play, EVERYONE. You threatened a multi-million dollar business, vowing to not stop until they were "exposed". You're nothing short of lucky that they didn't pursue you legally and that your victim didn't join them. As for me, I'm still here. Still writing. I don't see your public admittance of your participation in this. I don't see you retracting the libel you plastered everywhere about this website and me, personally. But, thankfully- I do have your email where you admit your participation and I'll happily add it here, below. Do I forgive you for threatening me, and for your subsequent attacks on me? Sure. But just as I can't remove what you said about me, I won't remove what you did to everyone involved here. If this action of yours is harming your life, the lesson here is to not take actions such as you did to harm others' lives. There is a reason for the saying we all quote about the personality of Karma. She's a bitch. PS. She loves yogurt too. Also, a final thought:

Don't ever address me like you know me. You don't get to speak my first name to me casually, you don't get to reference my motherhood, and you have no concept of the work I put into my REAL business. Never speak to me like you're anything like me- and don't dare compare our humanity. It is MY humanity and sensitivity to the victims of your actions that prevent me from removing your name. Where is YOUR humanity for them? When you truly understand the harm you caused everyone involved in your manipulation, then you can dare reference my humanity. Chew on that.