MommyGyver is a multi-faceted website offering many things to our readers:
-Discussion of topics, products, events that pertain to women and their interests.
-Investigation, reporting,  and review of companies that target women in their marketing- such as MLM and DS companies.
-Special offers, discounts, deals either shared with us or procured by us.

This website is considered an "influencer site".  That means at times, we complete product reviews and share our honest opinions with you.

We usually include links to the products we review in the article, social media post, or our email list. 
We also have links on this page for special offers curated for our readers.  Some of these offers may be "affiliate links".  These type of links indicate a relationship between this website and that product or company that reflects a compensatory relationship.  Simply put- the company may pay us a commission, or an incentive for your clicking the link, viewing the ad, or buying a product.  These links do not affect you, do not add cost to purchases, and do not nullify our promise to review honestly and openly always. 

In fact, even if we offer a negative review, we can sometimes use affiliate links as well.

This method is used to generate revenue for this website based on interaction with the links/ads.

Not all links are affiliate in nature.