About MommyGyver

From 1985-1992, the TV show MacGyver proved episode after episode that you could save the world with a paperclip and some string.  The show was successful enough that in 2016- the TV powers that be decided it deserved a reboot.

Moms can relate to old Angus MacGyver, can't we?  How many times have you been caught in the rain with nothing but a grocery bag?  How many times have you fashioned some kind of emergency meal from 3 things left in your pantry and fridge?

Let's face it- Mac was a physicist.  Moms don't need physics- they need motivation.  A screaming child is the best motivation to create, isn't it? Necessity is the mother of invention- as the saying goes.

The story of MacGyver left such an impact on so many generations, MacGyver became a verb. The Oxford Dictionary defines "macgyver" as: 
Informal: Make or repair (an object) in an improvised or inventive way, making use of whatever items are at hand.
-‘he MacGyvered a makeshift jack with a log’
-‘he has a shock of short red hair and a pair of rectangular-framed glasses MacGyvered with duct tape’

And Urban Dictionary says: "Someone who can jump-start a truck with a cactus."

MommyGyver strives to find life hacks, creative ideas, and fun activities for the real world- save my ass situation.

So next time, you can ask yourself- "What would MommyGyver do?"

MommyGyver also reviews products that interest moms in the mom role, moms as women, and moms as the bad-ass home handling, job having, powerhouses that they are.  

Last, MommyGyver investigates and exposes companies that target women.

MommyGyver has built a reputation for being direct, brutally honest, and at times, a little crass.  
Always cheeky, but always truthful...

Who am I?

Mother of three.
Stepmother of one.
Lyrical gangster.

My husband laughs at me because between meals, I'm the mom running around with a drill in one hand and food coloring in the other.  My favorite phrase is- "I can make that!"

And maybe I can help you a bit too.





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